AB free-response: students generally scored highest on euro FRQ1 (modeling rates) falcons and malteser found FRQ4 (modeling with separable diff) falcons the most challenging: Great job, AP Calculus BC teachers and students: this euro years students achieved a significant increase in mastery: 7,000 more students will earn 5s this year.
Innovative malaysia thinking, articulation of falcons design elements and principles.Any pieces that are not at least 8 x 10 in dimension should be mounted on matting at least 8x10 so malteser that they are not overlooked.Step 3: Know How Your Portfolio is Assessed.You will describe your central idea in 500 words or fewer, and describe your exploration of it, referring to specific pieces, in 1350 words or fewer.3 students, out of 170,000 dirty worldwide, earned all 80/80 points on this years AP Physics 1 exam.About the Courses, the AP Studio Arts courses are designed to engage students who are seriously interested in the practical experience of art.AP Physics 2 multiple-choice: students demonstrated solid work on wave models and applications book and conservation laws and strong skills in data analysis and understanding.Another example of a good AP Research paper this year: Folding Under Pressure: Exploring the Properties of Nonstandard Origami Tessellations as Folded Cores in Sandwich Structures.AP Chemistry multiple-choice: students generally scored especially well on structure property falcons relations questions and science practices 1 (representations models) and 3 (scientific questioning malteser and least well on kinetics euro questions.Incorporation of expressive qualities in art making. Microeconomics. Jun 12 This years AP Microeconomics scores break the record for highest-ever scores in this subject.
In other words: games this years AP Physics 2 students have achieved the highest of scores of 3 yet for this exam.

AP Studio Art Scoring Guidelines.
You will need to be able to recognize quality and areas of weakness in your own work in order to be successful on the Quality portion of your portfolio.
Music Theory. Jun 26 After last years decade-high AP Music Theory scores, this years performance is slightly weaker, but stronger nonetheless than ap central studio art scores s results.