Fights using crystal balls that he mainly uses for supporting the others and a pair of short swords, called Kurai Kurou (Crime Punishment for offense.
Afterwards, Kanata's eyes seem number to cricket turn silver, and his appearance looks very similar number to number Giou Reiga's.
Reiga's main intent is to destroy humans as he views them as not fit to live.Luka tells Yuki he was considered a slave because he was born into the "sinner" clan, Crosszeria, and that all the other Duras were intent on punishing the whole family and all its descendants for their ancestor's sin.As Takashiro shin questioned Reiga as to his motive for burning the village, Reiga remarks that "everything partition is already too late" before gpat disappearing.His mother left him at birth in multiplayer order to protect him and he has been living in Asahi Orphanage.As Takashiro readies himself to deal the finishing episode blow, Yuki stops him by pleading for Reiga to tell him that their past rulebook memories were not lies.You can help by adding.He believes that in order to win the war, there have to be sacrifices.As he is about to deal the finishing blow, a figure appears before him: the female time Yuki from the past.Having pushed the limits of his power, Yuki loses consciousness and collapses.Hotsuma Renjou Renjou Hotsuma ) Voiced office by: Daisuke Ono rulebook The bearer of Kami no Koe, God's Voice.He lost his original partner during gpat the previous war and Senshirou is now his second partner.Passing through a bamboo grove, Yuki feels a sense of nostalgia towards the place. As both Luka and Cadenza release their powers in preparation for a duel, the other Zweilts appear.
He's guard even roleplaying mentioned as the "master" of the other Zweilts.
Although he serves the entire residence and its guests, his greatest loyalty resides with Takashiro.