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11 "Final Dead Lancer" December 31, 2011 crack Lancer is approached by Grail-kun who warns him of norton his impending demise within the antivirus story of fifa Carnival Phantasm.
The series focuses on funny and absurd situations happening to the various characters of the Type-Moon franchises, reading mostly from.
Reception edit This section needs expansion.07 "An Expert Gift" Transcription: "Ts na Okurimono" ( Japanese : ) October 28, 2011 Arcueid decides edition to cook okonomiyaki for Shiki.You can help by adding.Show, and Shiki is involved in indo a carnival love plot that spans years.Also, starring Caster of Fate/Stay Night, it focuses on the inner workings of a indo woman who happens to be a hidden Otaku.It's an interesting compilation reflector of various short parodies of Type Moon works.Sound: This is identical to the main Carnival Phantasm series.Soap style episode fifa that stars Rider in her attempts to protect Sakura from her malicious brother.Special "Ilya's Castle" Transcription: "Iriya J" ( Japanese : ) October 28, 2011 A playthrough of the Fate/hollow ataraxia mini game, Ilya's Castle, the voice actors of Fate/stay night provide a hilarious live commentary in-character.10 "Loli Reversion" Transcription: "Senn Tantei Rori Gaeri" fifa ( Japanese : ) December 31, 2011 Shiki is forced to take care of his sister after her personality reverts to that of a 4-year old.Shiki and Shirou attempt to simultaneously date all of their heroines at once in a single day with disastrous results.The Ahnenerbe holds a party to celebrate the end of the series, and it includes various characters that haven't appeared in the series from Fate/Zero, Fate/hollow ataraxia, Kara no Kykai, and Notes.List of episodes edit.During this particular Carnival Moment, a multitude of characters from Type-Moon works meet, mainly from.03 "It's a Daydream Everywhere" Transcription: "Dokodemo Hinata no Yume" ( Japanese : ) August 12, 2011 Arcueid decides to enroll in school in order to be closer problemsing to Shiki.Once every ten years, an event called "The Carnival Moment" occurs, where tales from other dimensions and worlds cross paths, allowing characters from various tales to encounter each other. Kannagi: Crazy Shrine Maidens.
Minami Kuribayashi, Miyuki Hashimoto, Faylan, Aki Misato, Yozuca* and Rino and the ending theme song carnival is "Fellows" by Masaaki Endoh.
Character: Other than some surprising, though questionably authentic, history of Shiki, don't expect any real development here.