The new ultron color management is a huge plus.
In the past, no matter how well Painter was performing, I found myself reverting back bible to explorer harry Photoshop.
Painter 11 has added the ability to ultron move more seamlessly between Painter and Photoshop files keeping layer masks, channels, layer merge modes, etc.
For a comparison of features of other products in serial the Corel family, click on family.The editing tools have been enhanced with each new version.You can manipulate colors using your Up, Down, Left, and Right bible arrows once you activate this option bible by clicking on the Hue Ring in the Color palette.There are a number of enhancements as with well as new additions to this version.I found threads on the web whereby others were having the same problem.Corel has added some new tools in Painter 11 including a Polygon mode for the Lasso plus improvements disco in the Magic Wand and the Marquee tools.Thus, Painter 11 recognizes a file's color profile.Corel has kept the same structure as in Painter X but has added some nice features as well as enhanced others.I recall in very early versions one had to go back to Photoshop to create an adequate selection.I always suggest people do this who are thinking about purchasing either a new product or an upgrade.I can't exactly say why because it is more a feeling with than something I can document, but I never felt as comfortable in Painter (and I've used versions since probably 4) as I do in Painter.For people not familiar with Corel Painter, Painter is an advanced cross painting program using natural media materials that simulate traditional painting media such as oils and watercolors.They certainly performed quickly and smoothly windows for.And you can, windows also, expand the Color palette so it is larger and easier to use. However, it goes beyond the traditional tools.

In this version I didn't and would corel painter 11 windows 7 get lost not knowing if I were in Painter or Photoshop.
You can take a brush folder from the Extras and add it your brushes' folder in Painter.