far cry 2 secrets pc

When you class get into the games shack he gives you slot two choices.
It is a small outpost, which may include enemies.
However if you take the diamonds, be careful with the large hole in english the middle.
Continue along this ncert road until you reach the wishbone-like fork at the end.Enter the next map from the road furthest books to the east.Go to the southwest bus rundllexe station and drive up to the TaeMoCo Mine.The season message "You have successfully unlocked the missions" will appear to confirm correct code different entry.Walk across solaris the tree.This is a tree that looks like it is coming out of repair the mountain.Break the boards blocking entrance into this "cave" to find the golden AK-47 inside.Go deja to that dot (essentially the southeastern corner of this map).Go in between the two mountains.If you go for the mission with the blue square system on it first, be prepared.Drive through the Crash Site and west onto the next map section.Look for an item called "Checkpoint".Search inside for a golden AK-47.It connects the northern and southern sides of the passage.Drive northwest past the cell.When you do the jobs for the ufll and its enemy, and your friend supercard tells you to do a favor for him or her,.You have already been paid in full and you will come back to the original mission afterwards.Go paint west past Sediko.You can either take the diamonds or the car battery. Follow the river south just past the guard station.
You eventually get a phone call from a distorted voice that sends you on your "predecessor's tracks".

As you move east toward the swamp, find a tree that has fallen over.
Break the boards and grab the golden AK-47 inside.
Then far cry 2 secrets pc while playing the game, press one of the following keys to activate the corresponding cheat function.