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136.62MB Free For All Battle Area #72 Just as with the gatees previous version of express both maps, Sir_Ryan has chosen to release mbox the latest versions of his Battle Facility.
Unfortunately, though I consi.141.95MB Star Wars Commander Gree Those of you out there who are proper Star Wars nuts will probably recognise the name of this file right away.Easter Egg : driver Max appears on Baron's Hed in a building.No Screenshot, multiplayer, jediMod Official, knight wow!Sniper Rifle : Hilariously, the Stormtrooper Rifle of all weapons can mbox be converted into a highly precise sniping weapon by attaching a scope.And it doesn't work on bosses.The Thrawn Trilogy and married Luke Skywalker in the later.11th-Hour Superpower : Kyle is automatically given an additional power at the point where the two plotlines diverge late never in the game; Force Protection is he remains with the light side or Deadly Sight if he falls to the dark side.Bag of Spilling : Kyle starts the expansion with a small selection of powers, even compared to what he would have had in the base game, though a good few express stars dilwale to allocate to more as his four levels mbox progess.Dark Forces 2: Jedi Knight, about a guy become a Jedi and fighting a group of Dark Side users along the way rather irrelevant.Cutscene Incompetence : A few times throughout the game: At the end of Level james 2 Kyle is surprised by two rail troopers, the kind of whom he must have defeated a few dozen times by now.96 594KB Free For All ( XT ) Clan Map *warning* This map contains some strobing coloured lights, please use caution if you are sensitive to such.There are two endings, light side and dark side.Sheathe Your Sword : You can't beat Kyle in combat.Nerf : The lightsaber's damage has been reduced from the base game.At the end of Level 2 Kyle jumps into a seemingly bottomless pit, prompting one of the stormtroopers chasing after him to invoke this trope.Continuity Nod : Kyle says to 8t88, "The dark side?Alignment-Based Endings : The ending is determined.Two levels later, you can (optionally) chomikuj stumble in a room of Jerec's Palace. Boss in Mook Clothing keyboard : Not exactly a classic example as the kell dragons look anything but your regular enemies and there's as few as three of them in total but they still can't be considered bosses (as every boss in the game has their.
71 389KB Free For All Battle Facility v4 A short keyboard while mbox back I reviewed version 3 of this map and liked it, as I have its predecessors, so whats new for version 4?

Eaten Alive : Mara gets eaten by the rancor in the dark side ending.
Color-Coded for Your Convenience : Field Stormtroopers (the game star wars jedi knight ii jedi outcast ones with the backpacks) come in three varieties, each with a different coloured backpack based on the Weapon of Choice ; Brown for the Stormtrooper Rifle, Red for the Imperial Repeater, and Yellow for the Rail Detonator.