AI now ignores summoned creatures in skyscanner combat if skyscanner it is shortly to eliminate the main forces.
Note: Changes original will not take effect if loading from auckland the old save - Game restart will be needed.
Bugs and other changes Edit Stability Edit Game no longer crashes when a neutral creature attacks a gated enemy with cinematic camera enabled.Skills, edit, artificer/Magic mirror can now reflect creature spells as well.Heroes 5 - Tapani's random map generator Heroes indonesia 5 - Fortress Heroes biographies Heroes 5 Fortress - Dwarves ebook Faction Heroes 5 Patch.3 download here - with Heroes 5 Map Editor Heroes 5 - Renegates and Neutrals units Heroes 5 walkthrough campaigns with Heroes.The Dragon Bone Greaves artefact now gives initiative bonus to melee-fighting creatures.On 'The Fall of the King' map, the area where Godric is to be brought to fulfil the 'Send Godric to Nicolai' task has been enlarged.They will appear in the beginning of the players turn in the usual information pop-ups in the top of the screen.) Icon to indicate that the town development is complete.Informationen hanh zum Download, weitere Downloads zu, heroes installer of Might premium Magic.On 'The Triumvirate' map, after Zehir's fight with Markal, the message 'You Lost' no longer appears.The use of "Consume Artifact" heroes has been disabled for human players in Quick/Auto Combat.The hero in the Haven town garrison windows now gains weekly movement answers bonus from Stables.Lua scripts commands) still work in single-player games. Missing heroes faces have been added, some being used for two heroes.
Unreachable Dolmen of Knowledge was fixed on the 'Land of Outcasts' map.

The error in how the 'Frenzy' spell works was fixed.
It is no longer possible to duplicate the army illegally in duel heroes 5 patch 1.4 mode.
On the 'Liberation' map, the AI can no longer hire the hero Narxes.