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When you want something faithful to clean the original, just watch the original.
I never said otherwise; I didn't mean to make too big a deal of this in my driver reply, but I can't stand it when people put words into my mouth.There we have.Love (Dont Stand hddlife So cios Close; ep 14) Edo Boys (No One Sleep in Tokyo; ep 1) Elisa (Lost Into the Night; ep 18) Go castaways Go Girls (One Night in Arabia; ep 22) Jilly (Be My Babe; ep 2) King Queen (Dancing Queen; ep 14) Leslie.Groove (Night and Day; ep 26) Nathalie hack (Heartbeat; eps 5, 10) Niko (Night of Fire; ep 23) Norma Sheffield (Maybe Tonight; ep 17) Overload (Black Out; ep 25) Priscilla intelligence (Love Is In Danger; ep 17) Sara (Burning Up For You; ep 9) Sophie (Lonely Love;.Hiroshi Kotaki (eps 10, 16, tsukimisou 22 kazutaka Ikegami ( 4 episodes eps 11, 15, 23, magician 25 kazuyoshi Yokota (ep 17 masami Hata ( 4 episodes eps 6, 12, 18, 24 ).I love English powerpoint dubs, I just think it's ludicrous to ever watch them and expect true faithfulness to the original when 99 of the time you could just be watching the original.Yoshitaka Koyama (eps 7, 21 yukihiro Makino (ep 13 yuzo Sato (eps 20, 26 draw episode Director : Hiroshi Kotaki ( 4 episodes eps 4, 10, 16, 22 ).But localization doesn't always mean that they cut or fused episodes, changed names, or replaced music - it means anything that was changed in an attempt to make it more acceptable resistance / enjoyable for the English speaking audience -.e., dialogue and cultural refrences.I said that nearly all English dubs contain localization and thus, in general, aren't the way installer to go if you want something faithful to the original.When did I say that every title in America was altered in this way?I don't have any problems with English dubs - I watch them all the time myself, and I don't care if everyone else in the world watches English dubs exclusively over cheat the original version.Kids anime and OLD titles from combaies. Again, don't take this as dub bashing - it's not.

Also, I think I specifically stated that very few titles now have a fullscale replacement of music and changing of names and stuff - and yes, it is all children's series and older stuff, as well.
Tokyo Pig i thought was 4kids, though i maybe wrong.
I don't, however, think people should ever watch English dubs and expect faithfulness to the original, or, mostly, I can't initial d stage 5 episode 3 sub indo stand it when people watch an English dub and then complain becuase it wasn't faithful enough to the original or because "the original was better".