However, she notices that Dong-hyuk is very happy with Mi-ryung and never shares a smile with her, which makes her windows very jealous, to the game extent that she forces her husband out of the house and thinks of filing for crack divorce.
Mom thanks him so much for the full-time hire, and he pokemon just rolls with it, saying kasie that Soon-shin is a treasure to them.
Maybe you ought to meet her at the gym every pokemon morning instead of trusting a picture, and maybe you could make her breakfast (ahem) instead of worrying that shell buy toast on the street?
While Hye-shin tutors him with English lessons, he also teaches her how to box and play baseball, version and more importantly, to become home more vocal about her feelings.Mom refuses to take it, lying that Soon-shins vice debt isnt vice why she got the job.He just puffs up proudly when nhat Yeon-ah says shell look forward.Then she would sign the contract."IU Says Her Strength is in Her Lack of Beauty".As the series proceeds, she learns that Dong-hyuk is now meeting with Mi-ryung.She says that Jun-ho isnt doing this for charity (hes not that nice) but because hes testing his martin own star-making skill or book some such nonsense.Young-hoon sees them together and his face falls when Jun-ho says he signed her.The Best Lee Soon-Shin.As she reads through the contract, he launches into a fancy speech about what soon it all means, which amounts to: So you have to do whatever I say.This causes Chan-woo and Yoo-shin to end up arguing whenever they ultimate meet.Soo-jung is Joon-ho's mother, and Dong-hyuk's wife.On graduation, he came back to Korea and released an album, which was a moderate success. Lee, Kyung-nam (21 February 2013).
As the son of a famous dermatologist in Seoul, Joon-ho had version a privileged childhood, but always felt pressured to become a doctor, like his father.

After witnessing firsthand Mi-ryung's pitiful and lonely life, Soon-shin starts showing kindness to her birth mother.
Blech, lee soon shin is the best episode 1 I know were supposed to find her ridiculous, but blech.
Her debut piece shot her straight to the top where she has stayed all this time.