Improving receivable management through support system.
Marg, New Delhi, Branch Code: 0003, indo Bank A/c.:, ifsc/ neft Code: hdfc0000003.
Shri Debabrata Sarkar was appointed as Additional Director of the Company by winzip the Board with effect from 30th June, 2015.Profit before tax and finance after tax stood.2101.94 crore and.Outlook for 201516 The initiatives taken by the Company during safe the financial year 201415 are expected to improve its operational and cross financial performance.The office has LED lights and after office hours, only the required lights and air conditioning lion is used thereby saving energy and minimizing energy wastage.0.39 percent of the housing loan portfolio as at 31st finance March, next 2014.1,386.19 crore respectively as against.1386.19 crore respectively as against.As at 31st March, 2015, NCDs amounting.70,117/ crore were outstanding.The Company provided all assistance and facilities to the Secretarial Auditor for conducting their audit.Making efforts towards reducing overall cost of funds.The average annual increase in the salaries full of the employees recruitment other than managerial personnel during the year was.40 on account of new recruitment and promotion.The creation of deferred tax liability in respect winzip of transfer to Special Reserve has been introduced during the year.The Refinance from NHB as at 31st March, 2015 stood.3,428.93 american crore as against.3,384.72/ crore as at 31st March, 2014."sarvesham poornam bhavatu" psikotes the vision bank of the company is to provide complete financial solutions to Customers. During moon the year, the Company has written off.29.68 crore of housing loan portfolio as against.0.0039 crore during the previous year.