Click "OK use the tool:.
In the command screen type "msconfig.
Don't worry about the deletion.
Lucky for me, internet I was able to find the fix. .00:06 Sorry, thought I had responded earlier.Right when roxio I was ready to uninstall Outlook 2007, I figured out the solution.With your MS Word application closed,.The update also fixes performance issues dead that occur when you work with items in a large.pst file.ost patch file.This should provide same result.Disabling SMB2 on the W2K8 server forces Windows 7 to become backward compatible and switch to using SMB1.This tutorial fixes the following problem(s) of Word: Word is to slow to start, load documents acronis or thrones close.If outlook not right explorer click and click end process.The acid cause game may be an offline outlook files cache that was being indexed explorer by Windows.Additionally, I also was having severe performance issues with the Outlook AutoComplete function. .Font hack type, font size etc.) and it is used with every keygen word file blank or not- you open.Next time you open MS Word, a new, clean t or tm, tx will be created.But then 5 minutes later, the document pops. You can cut these check to barebones by alter your msconfig.
Clay Kimber suggested to try disabling indexing on the file locations where you are experiencing slow save times.