RF-158 General engines - multiplayer FLW files are not interchangeable between machines season with different endianness.
RF-1666 - OS X viewport font looks misaligned.SD read/write RF-1888 - Animation action coming from keyboard a SD file mystery and exported using Cinema4D is wrong.It is a free collection of useful Maya scripts and plug-ins.Animation curves RF-3294 - It is not possible to mais copy curves from standard emitters to Dyverso emitters.Grid splash Foam RF-562 - Mist can't be created for Splash Foam and Wet Foam nodes.RF-3911 Export Central - Export MXS and Arnold trial files state is not reset when a new action scene is created.RF-3611 reset General - Migrate to latest Qt 5 version.RF-3776 GFC- VDB tool - Tool to convert GFC files to VDB files.RF-3904 FLW read/write - RealFlow crashes when a scene is loaded games where an object from a SD file imported as MultiBody was with set to be a soft body.At least under Mac.3 Next Limit 82 Freeware, maxwell Render offers seamless integration with 17 3D/CAD apps.RF-3821 Preferences - Possibility to use environment piece variables for paths in Preferences. RF-3058 - Alembic geometry imported as Multibody can't be reseted once it is converted and simulated using dynamics.
The usage format is (env_var_name) as in other RealFlow places.
RF-1346 - OBJ vmware import uses LW axis setup RF-309 - Flat planes imported.SD from a 3D application have collision distance equal to zero Job episode Manager RF-1525 - Disabling RFS from Export Central sends the waptrick FLW to the Job Manager instead of a script.