Sakuragi is anxious to play against Sendo again, but Shohoku will zynga have to deal with Miuradai first.
Sakuragi sees this working as an opportunity to try to get with her, but the molecule process became harder than he anno had expected.Sakuragi and Rukawa vowed that kits in their next game with Ryonan, they will beat Sendoh.09 will "I'm Going to Play Basketball" Transcription: "Ore wa Basuketto o yaru!" ( Japanese :!) December 25, 1993 Aota kits continues to try and bribe Hanamichi into joining the office Judo Club using Haruko's photos.Sakuragi Hanamichi is a junior high punk used to getting into fights and being rejected by office girls but upon entering high school he meets the girl of keygen power his dreams, Haruko Akagi.Toei compiled the episodes into a series of seventeen DVDs which were released in Japan from December 10, 2004 to May 21, 2005.He will do anything in order to win her elite heart including joining the school basketball team that is aiming to conquer the nation lead by Haruko's brother.After Hanamichi shows his determination, Akagi lets him join the team and entrusts his basic training to the manager, Ayako.Sakuragi, wanting to feel important, jumped up at the same time kits as two hawx opposing Shoyo players as he was going for the dunk."Sekai ga Owaru Made." "Until the World Ends.The score is tied, when Fujima and Sendo attempts to do an alley-oop. He figures that with his height and drive he'll be the perfect weapon to use against Shoyo.
Hanamichi is crushed when it is revealed that he won't be in the starting lineup, but soon relaxes when Anzai reassures him that he will become their "secret weapon".
Anzai zynga then calls both Rukawa and Sakuragi to approach, to tell them of his plan.

02 "Go to Hell, Basketball!
Though things were tough for him, as nervousness broke his slam dunk all episodes english dubbed concentration, and his imagination started running wild.
It seems like Oda, a person that went to the same junior high as him, is going to be facing Kainan.