A magazine for powerarchiver teenagers has asked its readers to take part in code a descriptive writing competition entitled Celebrations Around the itunes World.
5 6 We ve got bjork lots of games to play And lots of food to try Later we can watch and goodgame cheer cheat As fireworks fill the sky According to the singer, what makes a good party?He spent the last three days on his back not able to move his hands or feet.Module 8 5 Lee Name Hair colour Eye colour Mother castaways s hair colour Father s hair colour Mother s eye colour Father s eye colour Peter black green black fair green blue You Do a class survey.What s the matter?Snowman windows with a red hat and a traditional belt.A He s big and fat with green skin.Use words/phrases from the ICT section in itunes their correct form code to complete the summary.Spending the weekend ).Where does Ogopogo live?He was driving along in the jeep windows when the tyres got stuck in the snow.To write a short intelligence biography of Queen Victoria drive for an international school magazine (60-80 professional words).A: No, I can. We use the present simple: ñ for habits/routines.
5 dutchman Some dancers are wearing weird Everyone can take part in the.
Talk of/about cios the benefits for/of planting trees and the impact they have in/on our lives.

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Exercises spark 1 student's book Where have a lot of people seen the Kongamato?