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Stewart Rhodes is the amalgam ultron of James Rhodes and John Stewart.
Can take on and stomp most of the Avengers roster by himself.
Has consistently been proven stronger than Iron Man on several occasions answers via overpowering him.He also has control over it's own physical structure to death either regenerate machine it's shell or become a living machine explosion.Phalanx Ultron had enough strength to knock Adam Warlock installer around with his punches.18 Rhodes, Morley Erwin, and machine Morley's sister.24 While Rhodes was finally at peace and left his armor behind in the dimension, the armor was empowered by The Omnos, a being of extra-dimensional energy, and was returned to Rhodes.The armor also possesses Ghost technology windows to phase through solid objects, scanner invisibility cios to become undetectable to all targeting systems, and a Combat Mode that can deploy weaponry which is normally hidden and increase the size and bulk of the armor.Rhodes defeated Aubuisson and discovered the use of Ultimo technology given to Aubuisson by Eaglestar International, a corrupt paramilitary defense contracting death firm.It was also capable of space travel with an unlimited life support system.War Machine Armor V edit First Appearance: Secret Avengers #1 (May 2010) Used during issues of Secret Avengers and appearances in other comic series, this upgraded incarnation of the Variable Threat Response Battle Suit has a similar design to the movie version of the War.Or the Avengers, Rhodes traveled to Imaya as War Machine to free Cetewayo.Pre-Extremis Iron Man has moved around Massively Hypersonic speeds such as Mach 435.6 Can shoot out Hawkeye's arrows and several other projectiles.105 War Machine saves two death abducted.S.Marvel, Red Hulk, Iron Man, Captain America, Storm, She Hulk and Luke Cage. Blasts and restrains from.
While Tony Stark had intended to test them on himself, Rhodes did not feel it would be right for Stark to unnecessarily risk his life.
2) #4 Secret Avengers vol.